Six Ways To Determine If Your Best Friend Is A Hippie

If you suspect that your best friend may be a hippie but aren’t quite sure how to tell for certain, there are several signs that indicate membership in the hippie tribe. Once believed to be almost extinct during the glitzy, dark years of the 1980s, the American hippie has made a comeback and is now thriving in a variety of urban, suburban, and rural settings across the country. Closely related to the American hipster, the American hippie is nonetheless a unique species that has taken its rightful place as a permanent fixture in the country’s cultural landscape. Following are several sure signs that your best friend is a hippie.


The Typical Diet of the American Hippie

The American hippie lives mainly on a diet of locally grown vegetation. Hippies who consume animal products at all generally stick with eggs from free-range chickens, artisan cheeses made from the milk of goats and sheep, wild salmon and meat from animals raised in bucolic pastures rather than in corporate farm feedlots. Healthy hippies usually have glowing skin, shiny hair and are brimming with basic good health as a result of their diets.

Shopping Accessories

A proper hippie never goes to the farmers market, the food coop or even a traditional supermarket without his or her trademark reusable tote bag. These tote bags may be plain, personalized with embroidery or splashed with vibrant colors and patterns, and they are always made from cotton. Hippies generally keep several toes bags in their vehicles or bicycle racks in case they forget to grab one on their way out the door to go food shopping. A careful examination of your friend’s personal items will reveal an abundance of cotton tote bags if that person is indeed a hippie.

One-of-a-Kind Jewelry

You will never find the American hippie wearing mass produced jewelry that appears to have come from a department store display case. Hippies naturally gravitate toward handcrafted personal adornment items, and they have a particular affection for jewelry created by Native American artisans from the American Southwest.

Tie-Dye as a Cultural Indicator

One of the surest signs that someone is a hippie is that they wear tie-dyed clothing on a regular basis. However, some don’t stop at wearing tie-dye but decorate their homes with it as well. It is not at all unusual to see a pair of tie-dyed curtains at the window of a modern hippie.

Hippies Go Green

Hippies recycle paper, metal and plastic products, plant trees and generally treat the Earth with kindness and respect. Most hippies do not smoke, and those who do refrain from littering the ground with their cigarette butts or needlessly exposing others to their second hand smoke. Hippies routinely celebrate Earth Day with reverence and commitment and truly believe that we must take good care of the Earth because it is our home.

Hippies Have Hair

Early versions of the American hippie were easily distinguished by their trademark abundance tresses. Although many other modern Americans have long, full heads of hair, hippie hair tends to be bereft of elaborate styling or unnatural dyes. It is usually shiny and soft, however, due to the healthy properties of the American hippie diet.

Hippies tend to be happy and healthy beings, so consider yourself lucky if you should discover proof that your best friend is a member of their tribe.

Once a Year Friends are Special Too

Holidays are always a great excuse to get together and have some fun. Not that we need any particular reason to meet up and relax, but there’s usually something special about an occasion that happens only once each year. A theme of sorts that helps bring out that little extra zing that makes any gathering extra special.

Celebrating Independence Day Together

A few weeks ago my friends and I celebrated July 4th, American Independence Day. To most of the world it’s just another day, but to us it’s an annual tradition that we’ve been celebrating for as far back as I can remember. The day itself is special enough to the point that it certainly isn’t any plain old gathering or festivities, that’s because it’s usually celebrated with fireworks.


Now, unless you’re a frequent visitor to Disneyland the odds of seeing an aerial display of fireworks any other day of the year is unlikely at best. That’s why many plan ahead and look for places and vantage points to watch one of the multitude of shows around the country. It can be a hotel room or a house overlooking the area. The important thing is to spend the day with friends and family while waiting for the big finale after dark.

Celebrating Our Own Way

While it’s true that that’s the typical way to celebrate the fourth of July, my friends and I do it a little differently. Instead of simply eating  food and passing the time until the colorful and vibrant patterns of fireworks begin to explode in midair, we take matters into our own hands. The meaning of that is simple enough, we light fireworks of our own. Some big, some small and some are even a little loud – it’s the main attraction of our annual celebration.

Silky Sparkler Party 6

It was like having our own private light show with the sky directly above us morphing into an array of colors that anyone could have briefly mistaken for a professional fireworks show. In short, it was mindless fun and exhilarating in ways that are hard to compare with.

The jittery excitement of setting off something as simple as a Roman candle is nothing but heart pounding. That feeling as the fuse is lit and the accompanying jolt of force as projectiles are launched, funnels of light mere inches from your eyes. It’s a surreal experience and I can honestly say it’s the most fun I can get outside of a vacation. When you think about it launching fireworks yourself is simply such a far cry from the silent awe of watching the sky light up for minutes on end but is it a better experience? Definitely but mileage can vary, depending on the company.

Friends Are What it’s All About

It’s not a party without friends after all. There’s a little more than ten of us in the core group, the people that will be there year after year without fail. In truth for most of them, I only see once a year; on that particular day in fact.

That doesn’t mean we aren’t friends, quite the opposite, as it’s just easier to keep in touch through social media these days. It’s just that we’ve been celebrating July 4th for so long that even though we only spend one day out of a year together our bonds are surprisingly good. Perhaps we just get talkative under the brilliant display of fireworks, then again it could be the beer talking.

Regardless, it’s like seeing those old friends that move away but visit occasionally. It certainly makes catching up interesting, as I hear the highlights of the entire year compressed into the span of a few hours. The good, the bad and everything in between – exactly the kind of things friends should talk about.

New Faces

Familiar faces aren’t the only ones who show up, frankly it’s an open party and someone will usually bring a new face. The more the merrier is a proverb we certainly believe to be true, but I don’t think our happy festivities can quite compare to the thrill of getting to know new people.

Trading stories with someone for the first time can only be described as exciting and intriguing. I think meeting new people always is, because you don’t know who you’re going to meet.

Over the years I’ve many interesting people, people who have become my friends and who I would never have met otherwise.

One Special Friend

Of course,  there are certain people who stand out. For instance my friend Jessica whom I met a few years back has been a constant influence in my life ever since. A steady rock when I needed support for this idea or that idea and someone to talk shop with, that’s because we share a lot of the same nerdy interests.

She lifts me up when I’m down and I tend to do the same in my own unique humorous way for her. In truth, it’s kind of surprising that we met at our little fireworks party but I suppose the greatest of friendships do have humble beginnings. I’m thankful that I have a friend like her.

Reasons to Overcome Your Reserve

All in all even though I may not be the greatest of social butterflies, having a tradition of celebration among friends is a grand idea. The fun and relaxing atmosphere aside, the chance to expand your network of contacts is worth the hours of cleaning up we endure afterwards. So, if someone invites you to a party and you’re free just say yes, who knows you may even meet someone special.