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Discovering Great Friends On My Single Holiday Journey to Barcelona

I would love to travel to new and exciting places all over the world. However, living alone in a bachelor pad in New York City, I find it difficult to have a travel partner. If I ever find one, we don’t really share the same interests and would find it hard to agree on a certain destination to traverse. As the desire to travel grew inside me, I searched the Internet for any option I may have. Finally, I found a company that provides single holiday tours, which means I get to travel alone to meet with other single travellers. I searched their available destination packages and, being a Picasso fan, I decided to go to Barcelona, Spain.

Daisy and Photography

Upon arrival, we received welcome drinks at the hotel where we would stay for about 8 days. I met the tour guide who introduced me to other tourists. One certain person caught my eye; her name is Daisy and I found out that she is from Germany. She looked like a real art enthusiast like me, plus she’s got a really warm aura that immediately made me feel comfortable to be around her. As we started to travel around the city of Barcelona, we both had cameras, the type that professional photographers use. I was just starting to get familiar with the camera and she noticed how I was struggling. She offered to help me out and gave me a crash course on basic photography. We took pictures of the amazing Modernista architecture of various buildings and museums within the city, particularly the Casa Batllo.

So much in common

So much in common

During lunch, Daisy and I decided to eat at a local restaurant where they served local Spanish dishes. We talked a lot about each other and our interests while chowing down FideuĂ  and some Crema Catalana. I found out that we had so much in common. We both work in event organizing companies, she handles marketing while I take care of stage design and decor. The funny thing is that our pets have the same name: Pablo, after Spain’s infamous artist. After eating, we joined the group again to proceed with the tour.

The colorful beauty of Spain

During the whole single holiday tour, we went to various landmarks in Barcelona. We cruised the coastline where we took photographs of the Montjuic hill, which is the main attraction of that particular activity. Daisy and I talked about landmarks from back home and compared it to the relaxed but colorful beauty of Spain. We also went to the Montserrat mountain where we took pictures of each other on the jagged rocky mountains.


The single holiday tour was definitely worth it. It gave me an opportunity to travel to a place that really interested me and, in the process, I met someone who shares the same interests and even the similar careers with me. It gave us enough time to get to know each other and to laugh and have fun. Daisy and I still exchange emails every now and then. I am looking forward to going into another single holiday to add to my travel experience and to make more friends as well.

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