A Single Rose can be Sick Man

Friendship Quotes – They Just Make Me Want to Puke

Friendship quotes – they just make me want to puke.  It’s not that I’m against friendship.  I’m all for it in fact.  No man is an island after all.  It’s just twee little quotes, that get shoved under my nose whilst I scroll down my Facebook news feed, and they seem to have the opposite effect on me.  I don’t think how nice it is and that the person sharing it must be nice and a good friend too; I just think what a load of balls and I can’t believe you shared that shit.  Okay, so that probably says more about me than them but still.  What’s funnier is that the people that usually share these little nuggets of sickly sweetness are usually the most childish gossipy people I know who ironically could stand to learn the most from them.
Blabbing Away

The Different Types

I’ve noticed two main types of these friendship quotes.  First there’s the straightforward friendship quote then there’s the (trying to be) funny friendship quote.  The straightforward friendship quotes are usually the most vomit inducing.  They have a saccharin sweet quote such as “A single rose can be my garden, a single friend can be my world” usually written in some fancy italic or cursive font accompanied by some equally treacly picture.  Flowers or children seem to be the favourite pictures for this although a good old fluffy kitten will always do the trick too.  These are the sorts of things that should be stitched onto a sampler or a cushion and kept in the privacy of your own home – not shared on social media to clog up people’s news feed and make you want to chunder.

A Single Rose can be Sick Man

Then there are the ones that are trying to be funny.  They say things like “You are my best friend, if you fall I will always pick you up – after I finish laughing” or “If you wake up in a police cell a good friend will bail you out – a best friend will be in there with you”.  These ones are usually in some kind of crazy font and accompanied by some kind of cartoon style picture.  In my eyes, these ones are akin to putting a sign up in your workplace saying “You don’t have to be mad to work here – but it helps”.  They make me cringe.  It is to my news feed what David Brent is to TV.

You are My Best Friend Caption Face

Would reading one of these things help to cement my friendship with someone?  Dear me, no.  Quite the reverse in fact.  Continued sharing of these would chip away at my friendship with someone.

Written by Bonnie at LWAG – whose products are based on strong ties of friendship and trust between friends, even if she doesn’t always agree with some of the social media “friend” practices 😉 ….. Bonne is always on the look out for some great examples of friendship stories for publication.

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