The Happiest Moment Since I Moved into the City and Lived Alone

I recently moved into a new city for a better job. I knew that moving into a new place was never easy but it’s even harder if you don’t know anyone around the area. Leaving friends and family was difficult enough but being alone seemed even worse. I found myself easy prey to frequent bouts of loneliness, despite having the internet and a phone nearby. It seemed at least to me that talking to someone halfway across the world was totally different than spending time in someone’s physical presence. I felt that something was lacking, that there was a void in my life that needed to be filled.

There was only one problem. I knew from my painful experience how hard it was to meet people and make good friends, let alone get invited to parties and other social gatherings. So when I had finally finished getting settled in I decided to find ways to solve my loneliness. After all every human being needs to socialize.

Naturally my first stop was the internet. With search engines, I was able to find websites like where promotes groups of people going out and socializing for any number of reasons.

I joined this group about singles that met twice a month. At the time it seemed to be the perfect place to meet new people and mingle with the opposite sex. The first time I attended one of their events I was shy and didn’t quite know what to expect. It turned out I had little to fear.

It was held in this nice place that had plenty of activities to choose from. Besides the bar, there was a pool table, a dart board and even shuffleboard tables. The organizers got it right. It can be awkward introducing yourself to someone but doing it over a friendly game of pool where you’re trying to get another ball into the pocket isn’t quite as daunting.

Over the course of the night I felt myself letting loose and introducing myself to plenty of people, sometimes over a drink, sometimes over a game. Sure, most of them were looking for some romance, but no one seemed hesitant to mingle or just make acquaintances. To me the whole affair was a gathering of people who were lonely, who needed human interaction. It was a place I could talk to people about this or that and maybe meet someone special.

I left the event feeling the happiest since I moved. I couldn’t really explain how talking about mundane things or nothing of importance could change my mood so drastically but after the event I didn’t quite feel so alone anymore.

It was far from the last event I attended; in fact it was the first of many. That’s because besides the fun activities it gave me the chance to socialize with all kinds of people. I found that merely being surrounded by people would make the feeling of being alone go away, but when I started socializing in earnest I actually managed to have fun.

I’ve attended enough events to have made friends over time and we go out and do other things, but nothing beats the fun you can have at one of these events. Where else am I going to find decent shuffleboard players?

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