We Picked up Where We Left off Thumb

We Picked up Where We Left off

It’s a sad fact that the friends in our lives come and go. They’ll still be our friends even after they’ve left but sometimes we have to start over when they wander back into our lives. Though they say the greatest friends pick up exactly where they left off. I know it sounds cliché, but it’s true. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard the saying in my life, but I always put little faith in it. How can people who haven’t seen each other for years act like nothing has changed? When I experienced it for myself, it turned out the answer at least was simple, and people could do it easily.

Vacation Plan

I’m sure everyone has had those times in our lives when we just need a break from the tiring day to day routine. Not so long ago, I was in that exact position. There was only one problem: I had no one to take a vacation with. I was single and the rest of my buddies couldn’t get time off of work. But I really wanted to go some place perhaps meet some people maybe meet a lady but doing it alone didn’t seem to be much fun. So, I did the only reasonable thing I could do: I posted my vacation plans on a social media website to see if anyone at all wanted to join me for some fun.

My Old Friend Agreed to Come Along

As it turned out my old roommate from my days in college was interested and had the time. We were good friends back in the day and we stayed in touch talking every now and then but we weren’t as close anymore, because we’re living in different states. Still, he hit me up and asked about my travel plans. I told him I wanted to go to a state with nice beaches, and Hawaii or Florida was my initial choice. He agreed to meet me at whichever destination on the condition that I dressed well. Not that I minded; I was never one to have the right fashion sense or good luck with the girls.

He Still Tried to Improve My Chances by Getting Me to Look Nice

It was just like old times. My good friend was trying to improve my chances by getting me to look nice; it felt like things hadn’t changed. In a way they hadn’t for one I still didn’t know what was considered looking good for beach areas. Naturally being the fashion guru, my old friend knew exactly where to shop.

Of course, I believed him. He hasn’t steered me wrong in the past, at least as far as clothes were concerned. I needed every bit of help I could with the girls after all.

We Picked up Where We Left off

When we finally met up in Florida, he greeted me with a fist bump of all things and just like that we picked up where we left off. We caught up with each other as we drank to our heart’s content. We talked about work, old friends and even the occasional chat about the family. That wasn’t all we did of course.

We Picked up Where We Left off

My friend being true to his form, pointed out every time some sexy young thing took a peek at me and my stylish clothes; it made me feel good of course. Like I said before I wasn’t smooth when it came to women. Still, over the course of the vacation, we got to know a couple fine ladies but if I were honest with myself I wouldn’t have gotten as lucky without my friend looking out for me just like old times. I know now that no matter where he might be he’ll always have my back, even if it’s just trying to impress someone new or that buddy I never knew I needed.

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